Singular Banking

Banking: As A Service

Build world-class digital applications and integrate them into your core systems. Faster than ever.

Singular Banking

Bank-as-a-Service Platform.

Our BaaS platform gives banks and financial institutions a turn-key solution to solve two complex problems of a complete digital banking strategy: building world-class omni-channel applications and integrating them into existing banking systems.

Build Your Vision.

Application Builder

Our Application Builder lets you design and automatically build native applications for iOS and Android devices that look and work the same in both platforms.

Thanks to an arquitecture based on reutilizable UI components, our product gives you the opportunity to create an amazing customer experience without the need of writing a single line of code.

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Revamp Your Core.

Banking API

Our Banking API provides a standarized and secure communication channel between customer-facing applications and core systems, whether that is an API, ESB, Database or any other system inside your organization.

Applications created by our Application Builder works in sync with our Banking API, giving you the possibility to make changes to your back-end without breaking the front-end experience.

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Be Agile

A no-coding approach enables you to accelerate your development cycle and release innovative products into the market before your competitors.

Be Fresh

Our subscription model gives you constant access to updates and new features, delivering a secure and ever-improving experience to your customers.

Be Efficient

By not designing your digital experience from scratch and building just once for all platforms, your costs can go only in one direction: down.

Be Secure

A controled single point of entry to your data guarded by proven frameworks gives immediate banking-grade security to your entire core.

Deliver Banking Applications. Fast.

No more coding, specialized teams or delays. Our Application Builder lets you build, test and release to all mobile platforms from a single visual configuration.

Available Everywhere

Build only once and get native apps for both iOS and Android platforms simultaneously.

No Coding Required

Design and build visually without the need of writing code.

Seamless Experience

Get ready-to-deploy apps that look and work the same across platforms.

Custom UI

Deliver the experience defined by your exact graphic requirements.

Complex Ecosystem.
Simple Integration.

It doesn't matter how complex your internal arquitecture is. Our API provides a standard and secure communication channel between applications and internal systems. Anything from a legacy core system to a modern ESB can be used as a data source.


Legacy systems. Databases. APIs. ESBs. Our API can be integrated virtually with anything.


OAuth2 authorization, HTTPS-only communications and out-of-the-box compatibility with common WAFs.

Runs Anywhere

Cloud, on-premises or hybrid stack. Our API will run where you need it to.


Our API is based on GraphQL, a modern query language that is compatible with mobile and web apps alike.

Secure Arquitecture.
Known Solutions.

Our API uses a standard HTTPS communication protocol, allowing a straightforward integration with virtually any Web Application Firewall available in the market. It doesn't matter if you have an on-premises or cloud-based security model, compatibility with your existing stack is guaranteed.

Works with

F5 WAF Imperva WAF Barracura WAF Cloudflare Azure WAF Google Cloud WAF AWS WAF

Different Needs. One Tailored Solution.

Big or Small. Regional, National or International. Prepaid Cards, Home Loans or Derivatives. Our solution is designed to adjust to different types of companies, products and end-users.

Retail Banking

We help banks to deliver their individual customers an interaction with their every-day financial products that they will love and remember.

Commercial Banking

We help banks building a loyal relationship with their small, medium and large size customers by offering an efficient banking interface.

Credit Unions

We help institutions to build a long-lasting relationship with their customers by helping them manage the financial products that could have a life-long impact.

Investment Banking

We help institutions building a trustworthy relationship with high net worth customers by giving them the tools to manage complex financial products with ease.

"Banks will either reinvent themselves or be forgotten"

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